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B*Line is a FREE Desktop Application with over 100 channels to choose from! Simply download and install the channel or channels and instantly begin receiving alerts and content directly to your desktop!


Download Your Favorite B*Line Channel


Download and install as many B*Line channels as you want. They all work together as one.


You can run your B*Line desktop application floating free on your desktop, or just run them in the background through your tray program area. Any way you choose to run your B*Line channels, you will always be alerted of the latest news and promotions with small and unobtrusive pop ups, which are very similar to email alert pop ups found in most email programs.


The following apps that work only with your B*Line channel will be in included (but not limited to) as a part of your B*Line desktop software installation:


Facebook App
Twitter App
Youtube App
Event Calendar App
News App
Weather App
More Apps Being Added!
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